Welcome to a place for wordsmiths and advocates. Welcome to my blog!

I’m Elizabeth Nouryeh and here you’ll find all that I’m passionate about. To cure your curiosity, I am a journalism and professional writing major at Kennesaw State. Since I was a child, I remember reading every book I picked up. I was that child who read at recess. I wrote my first “short story” in elementary school featuring three ponies who escaped a dramatic barn fire (Black Beauty was one of my favorite movies). As a freshman at KSU, I began writing for the Odyssey Online and our school paper, The Sentinel.  I recently became the opinion editor, so now you’ll find me behind the stories more than writing them.

When I’m not writing or studying, you’ll find me in the mountains with my lovely fiance and dog, or quoting Walt Whitman and Harry Potter. After all this time, I write to tell stories and to give a voice to the voiceless. Happy reading!


Find me on:

The Sentinel

The Odyssey Online

Model Mayhem




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